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Table of contents


  • Ideas of OOP
  • History of java
  • Heatures of Java
  • Assessment of java and C++
  • Java digital machine
  • Java environment






Welcome ones again to alinaija today I could be coaching about Java.  Java is a excessive degree, 0.33 era programming language, like C, FORTRAN, SMALLTALK, PERL and plenty of others. You can use Java to put in writing computer utility’s that play games, keep records or do any of the hundreds of others issue’s computer software program can do. In comparison to other programming languages, Java is maximum similar to C. But although Java proportion plenty of C’s syntax, it is not C. Knowing how to application in C or, higher but C++, will genuinely assist you to learn Java. A Java compiler received’t compil C code, and most big C application’s need to be modified appreciably before they can turn out to be Java application. By using  What’s maximum unique about Java is relation to other programming languages identification that  let’s you write special applications called applets that may be downloaded from the internet and performed thoroughly within an internet browser. Java language is referred to as the item-orientated programming language and earlier than starting for Java, we need to research the idea of OOPs (object-oriented programming).




Ideas OF OOP

There are some primary idea of object oriented programming as follows:


1. Object


2. Magnificence


Three. Records abstraction


4. Facts encapsulation


5. Inheritance


6. Polymorphism


7. Dynamic binding




1. Item

Object are important runtime entities in object-orientated technique. They'll symbolize a area, a clean account, and a desk of statistics or nay entry that this system have to manage .




2. Class

A class is a fixed of object with similar homes (attributes), commonplace conduct (operations), and commonplace link to different object. The complete set of statistics and code of an object can made a person defined statistics type with the assist of class. The items are to be had of kind class. A class is a group of items a similar kind. Classes are user defined statistics type and paintings just like the build in sort of the programming language. Once the elegance has been defined, we will make any wide variety of items belonging to that elegance. Every object is associated with the statistics of type class with which they're shaped.


As we found out that the class of items into numerous magnificence is primarily based on its properties (states) and behavior (methods). The important issue about the class is to pick out the homes and techniques and applicability to it’s instances.


The object expand their specialty from the distinction in their attribute value and relationship to different items.





Data abstraction refers to the act representing crucial description with out inclusive of the heritage details or motives. Training use to concept of abstraction and are described as a listing of abtract attributes consisting of length, fee and functions operate on these attentions. They summarize all of the essential homes of the object the are to be created. Classes use the concept of facts abstraction and it is referred to as Abstraction facts kind (ADT).





Data encapsulation approach wrapping of data and features into a unmarried unite (i.E. Class). It's miles most beneficial features of sophistication. The facts isn't smooth to get to the outdoor global and simplest those capabilities which can be enclosed within the magnificence can access it. Those features provide the boundary between objects data and application. This insulation of information from direct access by means of this system is known as statistics hiding.







Inheritance is the technique with the aid of which object of one elegance can get the houses of item of every other class. Inheritance manner one elegance of items inheriting the facts and conduct’s from any other magnificence. Inheritance preservation the hierarchical type in which a category inherits from it’s dad and mom. Inheritance offers the crucial characteristic of OOP that is reusability. Which means we are able to encompass extra traits to an existing magnificence with out modification. That is feasible deriving a new class from existing one. In different words, it's miles property of object-orientated structures that permits objects to be built from different gadgets. Inheritance permits openly taking help of the commonality of object while constructing new elegance. Inheritance is a dating among lessons wherein one magnificence is the parent elegance of every other (derived) class. The derived magnificence keep the residences and  conduct of base elegance in addition to the houses and conduct of derived class.





(Poly manner — many and Morph approach — from). Polymorphism approach the capacity to take multiple from. Polymorphism performs a main function in allocation gadgets having different inner structures to share the equal external interface. Because of this a general magnificence of operation can be accessed within the same manner even through particular sports related to each operation can also differ. Polymorphism is broadly used in imposing inheritance.


It method objects which could tackle or expect many one-of-a-kind paperwork. Polymorphism approach that the equal operation might also behave in another way on specific classes. Booch defines polymorphism as the connection of items many extraordinary training via a few not unusual supper class. Polymorphism allows us to write down universal, reusable code extra easily, due to the fact we can specify standard instructions and delegate the implementation element to the objects worried.





Binding refers back to the linking of a process name to the code to be done in reaction to the decision. Dynamic binding method that the code associated with a given method call isn't always known till the time of the call at run time.




Records OF JAVA

Java is a wellknown-motive, object-oriented programming language evolved via sun Microsystems of u.S.A. In 1991. Originally known as alrightby James Gosling (one of the investor of the language). Java turned into invented for the improvement of the software program for purchaser digital gadgets like TVs, rosters and so on. The main goal had to make java simple, transportable and reliable. Java Authors: James, writer Van, and others.




Functions OF JAVA

As we recognize that Java is an object oriented programming language evolved via solar Microsystems of usa in 1991. Java is first programming language which isn't attached with any unique hardware or operating system. Software developer in Java may be anticipated anywhere and on any system.




Features of Java are as Follows:


1. Compiled and interpreted


2. PlatformIndependent and portable


Three. Object-orientated


Four. Strong and comfortable


5. Allotted


6. Acquainted, simple and small


7. Multithreaded and interactive


8. Excessive overall performance


Nine. Dynamic and Extensible





Essentially a pc language is either compiled or interpreted Java comes together each these method this making Java a two level system. Java compiler translate Java code to Byte code commands and Java interpreter generates machine code that may be  immediately done with the aid of gadget that is jogging the Java application.




2. PLATFORM independent AND transportable

Java supports the feature portability Java applications may be effortlessly moved from one computer machine to another and anywhere. Adjustments and enhancements in operating system, processing and gadget assets will not force any alteration in Java programs. This is cause why Java has come to be a contemporary language for programming in internet which interconnects distinction form of machine global. Java certifies portability in two methods. First manner is, Java compiler generates the bytes code and that may be carried out at the system. 2d way is, size of primitive facts sorts are device impartial.




3. Object—orientated

Java is truly object-oriented language. In Java, almost everything is an object. All application code and records exist in items and instructions. Java comes with an extensive set of lessons; organized in packages that may be utilized in software through Inheritance. The item model in Java is hassle-free and smooth to enlarge.




Four. Robust and comfy

Java is a maximum sturdy language which gives many securities to ensure reliable code. It is designed as garbage-gathered language, which facilitates the programmers simply from all reminiscence management problems. Java also consists of the idea of exception managing, which detain serious mistakes and reduces all form of risk of crashing the system. Protection is an important capabilities of Java and that is the strong motive that programmers use this language for programming of internet. The absence of guidelines in Java ensures that programs can't get right access to memory place without right approval.


5. Distributed

Java is called a disbursed language for construct utility on networks which could make a contribution each statistics and applications. Java programs can open and get admission to far off items on internet without difficulty. Which means more than one programmers at multiple far flung places can paintings together on unmarried task.





Java may be very small and easy language. Java does  now not use pointer and header documents, go to statements,. It eliminates operator overloading and multiple inheritance.





Multithreaded approach dealing with a couple of task concurrently, Java keeps multithreaded packages. That means we need no longer look ahead to the application to complete one tack earlier than beginning next undertaking. This features is useful for photograph applications.




Eight. Excessive performance

Java overall performance could be very terrific for an interpreted language, majority due to the usage of intermediate byte code. Java architecture is also designed to lessen overheads for the duration of runtime. The incorporation of multithreaded improves the execution speed of software.





Java is also dynamic language. Java is capable of dynamically linking in new magnificence, libraries, techniques and gadgets. Java can also establish the type of elegance through the query constructing it viable to either dynamically hyperlink or abort this system, depending at the reply. Java application is support functions written in different language along with C and C++, known as native approach

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